One perfect trip
changes your life.

Libra's mission

Provide supreme experience to travel planning.
Enable your great travel ideas to be realized.

Our service aim to make trip planning much more easier & exciting than ever. Also aim to reduce the inconvenience in your trip.

Create your trip plan! It’s fast & easy!!

Explore & enjoy
the arrangement

Match your needs
in higher quality

Efficient & reliable
than ever before

Product objective


Passion for quality

Strong algorithm & performance


Suggest attractive places & activities based on the preference of user


Suggest an efficient & comfortable trip plan
Make the most out of your trip

Customization & reservation

Brush up travel itinerary based on user’s preference
One-stop booking service

Future plans

Global presence

Current beta version is only for people who are going to Japan
Other destinations coming soon

Global & professional team

Building a strong team with openness & mutual respect

Collaboration between special players
around the travel industry

Travel itinerary is the hub of our expanding collaboration network
Following are our collaborators for the Japanese market



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